Events Accredited for CME / CPD by EBGH / EACCME

Key Objectives

  1. Encouraging high professional standards and ethics
  2. Encouraging high standards in clinical practice
  3. Supporting gastroenterologists through CPD/CME, education and training of postgraduates
  4. To assess whether Gastroenterology Units throughout Europe provide training of sufficient merit and standard to be recognised as a ‘European Training Centre in Gastroenterology’ and to encourage Gastroenterology Units to reach this standard
  5. To award the Fellowship of the European Board of Gastroenterology to suitably qualified gastroenterologists and to encourage applicants for this Fellowship
  6. To obtain an overview of manpower needs and requirements throughout Europe in Gastroenterology and to encourage trans-national training and working
  7. Engaging with other Sections and Boards in the UEMS as well as the UEMS Secretariat and Council to provide leadership on issues important to patients, particularly those relating to gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition
  8. Improving our efficiency and governance as an organisation in a way that allows continuity and security for the future.
  9. Ensuring that the financial resources to achieve these objectives are identified cle* to collect demographic statistics